Congratulations to all our winners of today's Port Royal Crab Race, presented by the Lowcountry Rotary Club and the Beaufort Rotary Club.  The drawing was held today at 3 PM 
(you can watch the replay of the drawing on the Port Royal Crab Race Facebook page).  The winners are as follows:
1st Place  Holiday Inn Beaufort   $2,000.00
2nd Place    Joseph Dunkle           $1,000.00
3rd Place   Dorothy Jeger                $750.00
4th Place    Paul Walter                   $500.00
5th Place    Dean Moss                    $250.00
6th Place    Chad Barbieri                $100.00
7th Place    Robert Gross                 $100.00
8th Place     Bobby Dameron           $100.00
9th Place     Katherine Bundy          $100.00
10th Place    Bill Dobson                 $100.00