Friday, August 11th brought a lot of excitement to our club with a new member and a new incoming Exchange Student! 
Welcome to Randy Otto, who recently moved to Beaufort from Wisconsin (where he was a Rotarian for 23 years) - Neil Lipsitz,
Membership Chair, had the honor of inducting Randy into our club.  Randy said he really enjoyed our club as it reminded him of
his previous club, and we are a lot of fun! 
Thank you to Kate Samuel, who serves on the Dist 7770 RYE Committee, for introducing our inbound Rotary Exchange Student,
Eliza (aka Liza) Tymburib from Brazil.  She will be attending Beaufort High School this year.  Kate was our Rotex to the Canary Islands,
Spain several years ago.  Abby Chiaviello attended our meeting as well, as she was our Rotex to France (attending Clemson now).